Planning Considerations

The following is not an exhaustive list but just a few aspects of financial planning that I often find individuals value assistance with:

  • What about the new pension freedoms?
  • When can a transfer of DB/Final Salary scheme be in my client’s best interests and can you help me with writing the report? 
  • How much tax will be deducted from a UFPLS and what does operating an "emergency code on a M1 basis" mean anyway?
  • SIPP or SSAS, what about a section 32?  Can a scheme pension work for my client?
  • How on earth do QROPS and QNUPS fit in?
  • How do the transitional 2015/16 PIP rules impact on my client and how does that interact with carry forward, both now and in the future?
  • With the introduction of tapering to the annual allowance, how do I work out “threshold income” and “adjusted income”?
  • How do I plan with the annual allowance and mitigate the impact of the lifetime allowance?
  • When can pension scheme death benefits become liable to IHT on death?
  • Is there still a reason to use a trust to accept pension lump sum death benefits or is it redundant with the pension freedoms?
  • What sort of trust should I use?  When can I use a trust for the disabled? 
  • How do I mitigate the impact of IHT for my client?
  • Have I got that chargeable event gain calculation correct?
  • When is an onshore bond better/worse than an offshore bond?
  • Which fund types should I use in a pension or bond wrapper?
  • How do I calculate CGT on a planned disposal?
  • What about:
    • Personal Allowance taper?
    • High Income Child Benefit Charge?
  • How does the change to the Single-tier State Pension impact on my clients?
  • What should I know that can help me with my key HNW clients?
  • Can you review a report for me before I send it as I'd value an independent opinion?
  • An individual can receive £22,000 of income in 2016/17 without any tax liability, how do I plan to make that achievable for my clients?
  • How can pensions be used to withdraw "income" tax efficiently from a company?
  • How does salary sacrifice work now?

The provision of a timely and solution-focussed answer to these or other similar questions can help you deliver a valuable service to your clients.