Services for Platforms

You may be looking to develop a new product and require additional technical support; either for that project team, or to replace someone co-opted into that project team.

You may have a need for a fresh set of eyes to read through some new product or marketing literature.

You may even have a key group of advisory firms for whom you want to offer a bespoke level of technical support; either needing someone to help you launch this or to provide additional cover at peak times.

You may want to have a series of technical notes published on your site that can be used as a resource by the advisory firms utilising your services.  It may be that you need help to generate these, or you just want your existing material reviewed.

I have experience in product development as well as marketing.  I have worked for a platform and also provided services to platforms, including launching and integrating SIPPs into a platform and making the necessary changes for platform assets to be held by external pension providers and insurance companies.

Services for SIPP and SSAS Administrators

Do you require additional technical resource? 

You may have times of the year where you need additional help but can’t justify employing an additional individual with the skills you require full time.  I can provide you with the technical expertise you need, when you need it.

You may need help with:
  • answering technical enquires from financial advisors who are recommending your SIPPs,
    • I can help you provide the answers directly to the advisors, either by phone or e-mail, or I can help your own staff when they come across less common questions,
    • you may be comfortable with answering pure pension based questions, but the borders are getting blurred when a question has IHT and CGT implications or people need to understand the issues with using some form of bypass trust for any lump sum pension death benefits,
  • building and maintaining a technical library of advisor facing material that will help explain the relevant key aspects of pension legislation that relates to pensions in general and SIPPs/SSASs in particular,
    • be it explaining the complexities surrounding; the annual allowance, pension input periods, pension input amounts and carry forward of unused annual allowance, or it may be explaining how fixed and individual protection 2016 will work and which clients should consider making the appropriate elections,
  • checking calculations relating to scheme specific protected cash or primary protection etc.,
  • reading through and giving you the necessary reassurance on the technical aspects of your literature,
    • I have in the past worked in a marketing department and have experience of both writing and checking client facing literature.
  • In addition to the above, I have experience of product development, being the “technical expert” in a team building a SIPP administration system.